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Let me try to explain again.

Only using the Factors, no external pedals.

If your on patch 7:2 and want to go to 2:1 right now I believe that you have to go up through all of your banks to get to 2:1 again.

I use all my banks availible on my factors and now with the Pitchfactor giving you 100 presets that a lot of banks to go through. Not an issue with a midi controller pedal or even the other 3 button pedal but sometimes I fly with just the factors and an overdrive/distortion. No midi pedal no 3 button jobby. 🙂

So what I am proposing is to be able to program one of the factor pedals bank button to go down instead of up. If you can go up in banks on say the Timefactor and then down in banks on say the pitchfactor then that would get you instant access to any preset.

It's just a thought.

Thanks for reading