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Hi Thom,

Factor Pedals are designed to retain all saved settings even after power-off. I wonder if the delay knob is dirty or being moved, causing the value to stay at 1383. You could troubleshoot this by turning Catchup ON and seeing if the problem remains. 

Catchup is a mode which stops the knobs from changing any values until they are moved to the positions of the saved values.

To turn on Catchup,

  • Enter System Mode by pressing and holding both the Encoder knob and the Right Footswitch for a few seconds 
  • Turn the Encoder knob clockwise until you see UTILITY
  • Press the Encoder Button to enter the Utility Menu
  • CATCHUP is the first menu choice. Press the Encoder Button to enter the Catchup Menu
  • Turn The Encoder knob clockwise so that the display reads ON.

After doing that, see if Delay A is still staying at 1383ms.