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10/3/2008New OS adds Vista and Leopard compatibility and other system enhancements  

demonstrating its customer commitment by continually upgrading its
range of effects processors, Eventide today introduced Version 5.3
upgrade for its H8000 series. In doing so, the company makes its H8000FW
compliant with Apple Leopard, and Windows Vista, in addition to other
improvements including advanced system stability with FireWire and a
more intuitive driver control panel.

?In a contemporary production studio or live sound environment,
efficient workflow relies upon the transparent integration of diverse
hardware and software. With this in mind, we seek to maintain our
emphasis on providing a diverse range of signature effects to enhance
the creative process, and seamlessly integrate our products into our
customer?s workflow,? said Ray Maxwell, Eventide vice president of
sales and marketing. ?Today?s introduction of H8000 Version 5.3 does
exactly this.?

Upgrades are available immediately at no charge for registered owners at eventide.com.
V5.3 also includes system improvements to the H8000 series? sample rate
converter, routings and levels set-up architecture. Customers simply
download a zip file for Mac or PC and the folder will contain
installation files and a comprehensive updated user manual.

Eventide?s most powerful processor ever, the H8000FW, features a
stunning 1,800 programs. Users can rely on the H8000FW to deliver the
entire spectrum of Eventide effects, without taxing any processing
power from their CPU. The H8000FW features Monolithic Tandem?, which
allows both processors to operate together, facilitating large complex
algorithms, including 5.1 reverb and effects or up to eight channels of
processing up to 96kHz. The H8000FW also includes 20 MIDI Virtual Rack
preset-algorithms featuring up to five full-blown effects processors
ganged together with real-time MIDI control, each optimized for voice,
guitar, or percussion. The H8000FW features eight channels of digital
audio I/O via AES/EBU, ADAT, and FireWire, all 24-bit up to 96kHz. In
addition, the H8000FW incorporates four channels of pristine analog I/O
with a dynamic range of >110dB. With Eventide?s exclusive Building
Block Architecture, users can create their own unique preset-algorithms
with the library of 230 effects blocks using the supplied PC and OS X
preset development tools.

?Our goal is to make eventide.com the go-to destination for our
customers to download upgrades, learn more about their products,
interact with their peers and generally extract more enjoyment and
productivity from the tools we make,? Maxwell continued. ?Today?s
upgrade is another reason to visit eventide.com and we?ll continue to
make the site a place where our customers can do more and learn more!?