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No there isn't any amazing reverb pedal on the market. VerbFactor should be like the other ones, but not like TC NOVA delay in sound. It has no true bypass, and the reverbs are mostly fixed in length, however, there's a pre-delay and ducking. The only one that exists right now, the T-REX ROOM MATE is way too limited, and has limited use, but sound great in replacing spring reverbs for guitar. However, 3-4 user preset memory slots would be useful so one can start from there. Ducking, is mostly used in delay but I can see it's uses in reverb pedals. Pre-Delay is a must. And decay and diffusion of course. The TC just tends to sound "kkkkkrrrrrrrrrrrrr" at any reverb tail, no matter how you filter it. The Digitech Hardwire has Lexicon algoritjms in it, but doesn't really cut it. It's still quite cheap sounding.