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I don't know what you are trying to do here. But it looks completely wrong.

-why would you connect two inputs to the mixer, when one does it anyway? Use a MIX.

-Multishift is a module with a single input and a variable number of outputs you can choose. It can have many different pitch shifter voices BUT all share the same input.

If you want to have pitch shifting with feedback, you need a single mixer feeding a single pitch shifter or multishift module, w/one voice shifter.

Infinite loop doesn't work w/shifter in the way you seem to think. When a shifter is recirculated thru its own delay the note will climb or fall in pitch at every repetition, fading beyond the audible threshold in a certain number of repetitions (depending on the interval width). If you want a pitch shifted note to loop forver, then you need an infinite looping delay separated from the pitch shifter.

So a mix feeding a delay which feed back to the mix (for feedback) is what you want to place before OR after the shifter and don't use the shifter delay at all. Use two instances of everything for a stereo FX, and tie parameters to the same knobs for L/R control.

The reason why you're not hearing anything may be the the overwhelming feedback generated by mixer levels at 0dB (that's equal 100% feedback!!!). You are over_saturating the shifter input.

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