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i think i've basically discovered that i misunderstood some of the capabilities of the pitchfactor. i was surprised to find out that knob assignments were global, since the knob functions are so different for each effect.

i'm really hoping that this is something that can be addressed with software updates. for the time being i've been able to get some of what i am imagining by setting, for example, a different diatonic harmony interval for heel and toe on the expression pedal so i can get some of the moving harmonies that i want when i switch the unit on. the problem is that it takes away the ability to use the exp. pedal to blend from dry to wet, or to control delays and other parameters while still having different harmonies available.

it's silly to complain about limitations with a box as flexible as the pitchfactor, but it's also hard for me not to think about all the possibilities that would be there if the aux switches could be programmed to control different knob combinations for each preset.

is this impossible because of a memory issue, or something that could be included in future software? imagine being able to set up 3 different harmony intervals that could be triggered with the aux switches on the diatonic setting, and using the expression pedal to sweep from totally dry to wet with delay, and then banking up to a harpeggiator setting where each aux switch triggered a different pitch, effect, or rhythm sequence, and the expression pedal controlled the speed and/or key depth?

in my mind there are just a scant few things keeping this from being one of the best real-time effects/controllers ever. it's very close to letting you do a lot of the things that people are producing with studio effects, in real time, all with your feet… please eventide, follow-through on this potential!