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The dots are actually displaying the physical knob that has it's value changed. IMO a good way to see multiple changes at one glance on a limited display space.

I like the display itself, but you're right, it would be great if it was wider.

But preset names can be displayed anyway, scrolling would be alright for me.

After a few months of use, I have to say that the TF is a great sounding pedal. It is not intuitive to operate and tweak, though. It can be a "all in one box" thing, but sometimes I miss the four knobs on my two BOSS pedals that i ditched for it. They were much more predictable, but that is the nature of a machine with presets and function layers. The knobs are at a different position after you tweaked the last preset, so catchup is necessary to avoid surprises. That makes the operation even more "indirect" to me, but there's no way around that.

What bothers me most about this is the inability to see a parameter's value in a preset at one look. That could have been realized by using encoder knobs with a illuminated ring to see the momentary "amount" of each parameter instead of physical knobs that are out of position in 39 of 40 presets. Now you have to slightly turn a knob to see the value. And I often change values accidentally when doing this, mostly the sensitive ones like delay time in tempo mode.

And I already have a sore back from tweaking the TF in my rehearsal room, because of it's infinite number of parameter combinations. A PC/MAC editor for this would be a godsend and IMHO is a MUST for a complex unit like the TF. Imagine having it connected to your laptop via USB and being able to tweak stuff with a graphical interface while hearing the changes live! And then save everything to your hard drive knowing you have a backup on your laptop…please, realize these suggestions as soon as you can, you people at Eventide! Thank you for listening.