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      Hi there, first time I have bought and used Eventide product TimeFactor

      have done quite a bit of reading on this forum.

      Seems alot of good people have similar problems with their TF's

      We paid a lot of good money for this unit and sound wise Yes.. it's bloodly great!

      but User wise it's actually ***. Come on Eventide, your LED section should have been better designed. I am not even sure that my TF is working correctly as every time I come out of a patch

      and check what Delay time it changes, I use Catchup and save to Pre-sets.. I have went into Play Mode and used Tap switch to Fine Tweak my Delay times, but everytime I come out of them, catch-Up is diabled

      We should not have to down everything that's on the tin, but this unit has a mind of it's own.

      I am getting another one sent from the Shop in Uk,

      Eventide, You could have made the terrible Dotted Graphic LED display wider by using the space on the right hand side where the Big eventide logo is to use this space for ability to NAME YOUR OWN PATCHES, as WE musicians like to write songs with different effects. Jesus.. instead I have to use a bit of paper with all my delay patches written down, I thought we where in the 21st Century here for DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY!!

      I really thought this was going to be the all in one delay unit, not just for sound but for actual usage for live and studio purposes. I made the switch from my Boss GT-8 which does have a very good LED and Editing function.

      I can't believe we have to hold down two switches just to get into the System Menu and then hold them down again to get out of that editing section!!!


      Having just bought the ernie Ball expression pedal that you recommend, I am trying to tweak and save settings for use with the pedal.

      The fact that can't really see what actual PARAMETER IS GETTING modified when you use the expression pedal is beyond a joke. All you get is these ZX SPECTRUM DOTS displayed on the LED screen.

      I am a semi Pro musician foremost but also a Product and Graphic Designer if you want Eventide

      I can design a mock up of what might help for future release of newer better version

      as this is a very good unit but needs some serous redesigning!!!

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      I agree very much with the need to rename patches…..absolutely.

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      IMO opinion naming presets is not key, same for the number of dots… sound is the most important

       and some progress are expected (reverse loop / analog delay improvements) 

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      The dots are actually displaying the physical knob that has it's value changed. IMO a good way to see multiple changes at one glance on a limited display space.

      I like the display itself, but you're right, it would be great if it was wider.

      But preset names can be displayed anyway, scrolling would be alright for me.

      After a few months of use, I have to say that the TF is a great sounding pedal. It is not intuitive to operate and tweak, though. It can be a "all in one box" thing, but sometimes I miss the four knobs on my two BOSS pedals that i ditched for it. They were much more predictable, but that is the nature of a machine with presets and function layers. The knobs are at a different position after you tweaked the last preset, so catchup is necessary to avoid surprises. That makes the operation even more "indirect" to me, but there's no way around that.

      What bothers me most about this is the inability to see a parameter's value in a preset at one look. That could have been realized by using encoder knobs with a illuminated ring to see the momentary "amount" of each parameter instead of physical knobs that are out of position in 39 of 40 presets. Now you have to slightly turn a knob to see the value. And I often change values accidentally when doing this, mostly the sensitive ones like delay time in tempo mode.

      And I already have a sore back from tweaking the TF in my rehearsal room, because of it's infinite number of parameter combinations. A PC/MAC editor for this would be a godsend and IMHO is a MUST for a complex unit like the TF. Imagine having it connected to your laptop via USB and being able to tweak stuff with a graphical interface while hearing the changes live! And then save everything to your hard drive knowing you have a backup on your laptop…please, realize these suggestions as soon as you can, you people at Eventide! Thank you for listening.

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      I didn't dare to say….. but the lack a Mac/PC editor surprised me….I know it wasn't advertized in any way but nevertheless I would have given it for granted on a USB equipped box…..we are in 2009!!!!!

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      Eventide Staff

      Be patient …

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      I think most of us are.

      It's great to see you guys are watching.

      I'm looking forward to the update for the TF and I am supporting you because I'm a perfectionist as well, so I consider it a good sign that it takes so long for you to release it.

      I think that there are several suggestions you Eventide people just couldn't ignore when working out a new software update, and the most common problems and solutions stated here would make the TF an almost perfect piece of gear for me.

      But now the inevitable question: how close are you to a release date?

      Cheers, Jakob

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      no…. I can't wait!!! 🙂

      Pls organise that editor for us, it is essential in this day and age…

      I would be even better if it was also available as an AU and VST plug-in for our DAWs.

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