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Ok, so the MIX global setting where you can say KILLDRY so that it becomes 100% wet and then the MIX knob becomes in essence a volume knob right? Well I have my Pitchfactor set up in two configurations on my pedalboard. One is that it's in parallel with my main signal. I use the Crystals patch and have that in parallel. I would love to be able to use my one expression pedal to control the amount of crystals I have rather than have a volume pedal just to control that. I know I could set it to 100% WET for the MIX but it would be better to have KILLDRY on for that particular use and then have the expression control the amount of Crystals I get. I also have the pedal hooked up (via splitters and line mixers) to be in serial with my gutiar signal. So a part of the main guitar tone. This is for using things like the PitchFlex etc. In those cases I don't want the KILLDRY to be active I want the MIX knob to be working for the amount. It seems that you can only set the KILLDRY to be at a GLOBAL level which applies to all presets. I would like a way to either have the KILLDRY assigned to a preset to override the global setting or be able to control the KILLYDRY via  MIDI CC.