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Hi Razo

what Mathias calls "Fairytale" is my preset YOUR HARMONY DEVICE (#33 in Bank 7 Delays – Loops)…and yes, it's available on the Orville.

I created this very preset in Copenhagen, while working on a recording at the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium (http://www.rmc.dk/) in 2000.

The project was about post processing of acoustic sources. We used vocals, sax, upright bass, drums and electric gtr. One morning the singer came in for rehearsals and while sipping our coffee…she played a beautiful chord progression on a piano in the recording room. My ears were just "taken" by that beautiful harmony and I thought it would have been very cool if she could have a choir singing those chords, letting her improvise on the top of them….

We had no choir…but my Orville was there! Grabbed my laptop and created this mighty preset you won't find in any fx processor around. The structure is:

10 seconds loop > 3 voice pitch shifter > autopanner > reverb

the idea was to create a table of pitch values to build chords out of the loop. If you check the SHIFT menupage you'll find the STEP# parameter with 24 values. Each one allows you to change each pitch shifter voice delay AND tuning. The tuning reference is related to the looped note.

Basically if you loop a C note (monophonic!), you'll get the chords you'll see in that menu…stepping thru the 24 tweaks (steps!). We recorded a beautiful tune with this preset…so I thought it should live forever in the mighty Orville and the bigger brothers H7600 and H8000/A/FW.

Matthias version might just be a different tweak of the chords…but it actually doesn't sound like that to me.

Enjoy this harmonic tool!