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Hi Patill

you're in for a lot of fun! Just consider that the number of physical inputs/outputs as a wide possibility to connect the uinit to different working setups. The unit is designed to work in mono in/stereo out – stereo i/o – stereo i/quad o – stereo i/5.1 o – surround 5.1 i/o – octal mono i/o. These are presets i/o configurations that can be created in Vsig. There is another place where hardware I/O configurations can be made (and should!)…it's the unit itself. The H8000 has routings! You can set the inputs and outputs on your unit, deciding which work and to/from which plug/DSP it is connected. There is even a Windows applications you can use to create your routings…called…Routing utility. Routings are very powerful and open up possibilities on your unit. They are explained in the User Manual.

A 2 I/O preset is created to process a full stereo program, something you may want to have in a studio environment…but such preset might be very cool on your gtr too…so you can route the physical input (say number) 1 of the H8000 to both inputs of the presets…and ou'll have a mono in/stereo out preset, without the need to go in Vsig and mod the structure.

The path to full understanding and use of this wonderful unit is a complete reading of the manual to understand its features and limitations. There are some as all human works do. Then proceed to create your own routings, according to personal needs….name and store them internally for future use.

all the best