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Hi Sasa

yes, you can't fix a buffer problem yourself. But suspecting that might be a cause and putting together the findings from YOUR and our tests, we might be able to fix it. That's the whole point of a beta release.

My suggestion is to look for a repeatable behaviour doing this. Make sure you find 2 prestes you get noise from when switching between them. Try to load the firts, play for about 20 seconds then change to the second preset. Do you get "hell"? Try again….still devils in the room? Keep level down!!!! Try a few more times.

Now load te MUTE preset. DON'T PLAY ANYTHING.  Load the first hell preset…let it stay and DON'T PLAY any sound. Switch to the next preset after 10/20 seconds. Don't play! Still hell there?

Which presets are them?

report to us the findings then.

Thank you for your help!

all the best