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I've been looking a while for a great "all the bells & whistles" reverb pedal, but haven't had much luck with any of the few currently available on the market.

Some features I'd love to see in a potential VerbFactor:

  • seperate high and low shelving tone controls, or graphic/parametric EQ style control over the effect's tone, idependent of input tone
  • option to smoothly fade/ramp effect in from pre-delay offset
  • ridiculously long trail times, up to infinite for thick, washy walls of ambience
  • lots of mode types beyond standard spring, room, hall and plate – modulated, bigger to huge to giant halls, flerb, reverse, self oscillation/feedback, pitch shifted reverb, etc.
  • time based/envelope-like modulation of reverb parameters, for example reverb gets darker over course of a trail, density/diffusion increases over the course of a trail, pitch dives etc.
  • diffusion, density, early reflection and other detail oriented fine control
  • lots of expression pedal control over delay times, input signal level, modulation depth/speed, effect level etc.
  • spillover bypass
  • external FX loop for additional processing of the wet signal, cascading etc.

Gotta put in a vote for a nice, sleek charcoal/slate colored unit as well. Smile Thanks for listening.