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Hi Tom

preset change on the H7600 are slower than on the Eclipse


given the bigger dsp power and preset structure of the H7600, you may not actually need to switch presets as much as you'd need on the Eclipse. The H7600 MIDI Virtual Racks presets library include a good number of fx combinations. Each preset sports up to 5 high quality rack units FX. You have ten tweaks stored in each preset; each one "remembers" the status of fx on/off and the value of the parameters labeled with an "*" (asterisk). Basically a single MIDI CC with values from 1 to ten can recall any of these internal tweaks without the need of changing preset. The change is instant…no waiting time. These presets alone are worth the admission ticket to an H-unit for a guitarist. You may take a look at the Presets Manual. In the very last pages there's an in_depth description of these wonders…and the list includes all details for the FX combos of each presets. We have also included the single FX so that the good_will user can build his own racks, using Vsigfile editor.