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Eventide Staff

Looks like it should work, although you may have to shuffle the ADAT channels.

To understand the routing you need to study the User Manual. In particular, use of the Factory Routings would have saved you a lot of time. Look at "ADAT 8 Track A,B" on  page 30 of the latest manual – this is essentially what you are trying to do.

To answer your specific questions:

question 1

why do i have to connect the ADATin to the Main in AND the INs of
the DSPs ? isn't it enought to connect the ADATin straight and only to
the INs of the DSPs ?

Basically the unit has a main input block "MAIN INPUTS" to which you have connected the ADAT inputs. The you have to connect the DSP inputs to the main input block. This is similar to the use of what used to be called "binding posts."

question 2

how come that there is in the ADAT outputs menu not the possibility
to  go from DSPout to the ADAT output ? wouldn't it be logical to have
the DSPout as a possibility ?

Again you have a main output block "MAIN OUTPUTS" which is fed by the DSPouts. You then connect this to the other outputs.

question 3

did i connect it right?

I think so – does it work ?