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That's a cool idea.

Or how about a "BaseFactor" with bays for each factor pedal that allows you to dock them. By docking each pedal you get instant patch connections, as well as midi and power connections. It could have two or three external loop points to insert overdrives or a favorite non factor pedal or two, and then have access to midi controller switches to switch as banks while you use the switches on the factor pedals as instant on/off switches. And here is the coolest part, aside from all of this it would have a 16 character screen for title/preset names. By having everything connected to midi, you could even have a built in tap tempo, syncing all factor pedals connected.

On the back, you just have a standard IEC power plug and a patch bay for connecting to your amp(s), maybe USB or midi jacks, and/or some other connectivity if appropriate.