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Hi Nick,

I’ve taken sometime to get back to you, because I wanted to be thorough.

The crackles and pops that I mentioned I’m getting from my unit appear randomly. In other words, they are not specific to a particular preset or group of presets.

In answer to your other questions:

I am using the ‘default’ routings. I haven’t ammended anything from the defaults (to the very best of my knowledge) since taking the H8000FW out of the box. I’ve only been auditioning presets and changing paramaters within presets.

This goes for default gain settings, too.

As I said, different presets can give me ‘noise’ – sometimes a popping noise upon loading or a moment after loading, and sometimes crackles while playing a preset at far below clipping levels. Although sometimes the crackles seem to be brought on by the forcefulness of an instruments ‘attack’, as I mentioned before.

If the meters' default setting is to main output, then my unit’s meters are set to main output and the answer is NO, I don’t seem to see the noise in the H8000’s meters, except on one occassion, when I started getting quite alot of hissing from the unit suddenly, without any input going into it, and all the meters peaked.

I have a very simple audio setup. I’m using two audio sources (an Earthworks piano mic and a Yamaha stage piano) into a small Mackie mixer that I use for keyboards on stage. Both audio sources give the same noise problems. The quality of my audio cables is good – they are all brand new – although not the absolute most expensive.

I have not yet upgraded the unit to the latest version of the software.

Would the fact that I am going from the mixer aux channel one out (stereo) into a single analog in (channel one) on the H8000FW cause a problem?

Could an unclean mains electricity supply cause this problem?

I realize these things are hard to pinpoint remotely, but if you could let me know what you think so I can get this thing resolved I'd appreciate it.



Lee Sloan