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I know this may sound silly,but is there any suggestions on settings with the Pitch Factor that can closely re-produce the kind of tones Steve Vai gets on tunes like "Tender Surrender" or "For the Love of God" or anything he did with the DavidLeeRoth/Whitesnake colaborations,his work in the  "Crossroads" film as Jack Butler,also other known Eventide users such as Satch,EVH or Petrucci, does anyone have any advice or settings they could share?I just turned on my P Factor 4 the 1st time today and am not that good or patient @ button mashing & knob turning & don't have the extra $$ for the Eclipse or more expensive rack effects.Not trying to make my tone exactly like there's but I am a student going 4 my bachelor's in jazz & will be performing "Tender Surrender", for my recital,PLEASE help!! thanx……Lance