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Is something wrong with modulation in this new update?  I performed the update and it seems like the modulation doesn't work properly any more.  For instance, on these two presets there is a very noticeable rotating speaker and chorus type sound in previous software versions, but in the new version I can't hear the modulation at all:

2:2 Bridge of Sighs [DigitalDelay]
7:2 Every Lead You Fake [ModDelay]

I have tried recreating the sound by tweaking the speed and depth but at best I can dial in a faint chorus type tone.  This issue doesn't seem to be limited to the presets.  I wrote down settings for a couple presets I had stored before updating, and I also dumped the presets.  If I tried to recreate the patches by manually entering the values or restoring from backup, the patch just doesn't get the rich modulation sound any more.

Are these known issues?  The only report I have seen so far is regarding saving a modulation setting and not with the missing sound.