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Thanks for the info! I've got more details about the error:

1. Seems like it's more likely to occur during a "cold" boot (e.g. when the device has not been powered for some time) – a fast off/on cycle doesn't reproduce it.

2. After I press continue, the initialization goes on, but then I get another error:

Cannot boot DSP #0. Error 2006 … contact Service Department

3. If I ignore this and press continue again, the device seems to try booting without the failed DSP, and then displays messages like "Something went wrong" (while trying to load a program into the failed DSP), "suggest power down", and, the most informative one – "host timeout".

Did this additional information make things more clear? Maybe now you could tell something more specific about this error. By the way, I have some experience of successfully repairing complex electronic devices, so I could probably perform some kind of other tests if requested, to further investigate the root of this issue without the need of sending the unit overseas yet.