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Andy S

Eventide guys – I cant save the speed settings in mod delay and others.  Serious bug that makes this version not usable for a giging guitarist.

Also – the modulation is not  sounding the same in general.  Not as rich/thick/warm sounding.  I could in 2.03 duplicate a retro  sonic analog chorus peda ( that emulated an old roland ce-1 )l to the point i sold it on ebay….  the new version sounds less rich. Could it be that the filter knob doesn't get deep or warm as in earlier software versions.

I had a great analog chorus sound in 2.03 ( i started in bridge of sighs and tweaked ) cant get that sound now…

I'm reverting back to the previous version until these bugs are fixed – I cant gig with this. 

That being said the tape mode is LUSH AND SPECTACULAR !!   So i look forward to the issues being resolved and I'll give it a whirl when this update is final. 

Thanks for listening