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OK I was excited to see a new beta version uploaded. Just like with the previous beta version I was not able to get the Updater Utility to work with my Mac laptop running 10.5 Leopard. Every time I launched the Update Utility the program crashed, I even tried downloading the Utility again and reinstalling but got the same result. Just like with the previous beta I went back to an older Mac desktop running 10.4.11 Tiger and the utility worked great and I updated without a hitch.

So far all of the issues I saw with the previous beta version seem to be fixed (mainly Global mix works as expected now) and it does seem to save modulation settings now. One thing that does seem different (but it could be faulty memory on my part) is that in Bank Mode now when you pick either of the two available presets in a bank you no longer get the quick display of the delay type (Reverse, MultiTap etc) before it goes to the preset number where I swear the previous beta did display the delay type briefly. At this point I'm NOT planning on going back to the previous version so I can't go back and confirm this. If anyone out there still has the previous beta installed (2.4.0) please check and see if the display briefly shows the delay type when clicking a preset foot switch in Bank mode. I find that showing the Delay type is helpful to me to make sure I've got the right preset called up. Of course if we could name patches then this wouldn't be an issue.

So far everything seems to be good, I didn't have that much time last night to check out everything but I'll post anything new I come across.

There is still an issue with the Update utility working in Leopard.