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Okay.. I think I've got this sorted.

I'm still getting crashes in the eventide update utility on 10.6.2 after the 'Agree' screen as well, well actually it's the Readme.

It also doesn't seem to save my password, but I'm gonna guess that's due to it crashing.

If you're anything like me you're getting this as the 'Application Specific Information' in the Error Report.

"Assertion failed: (!fileName.isEmpty()), function slotDownload, file httpthread.cpp, line 475."

Now, one way around this error is to click on Properties instead of clicking on Install Update. Then write down the location, pop it in a web browser and then after entering your eventide username and password you should be all good to go.

Jump back into the Update Utility and go to the File menu and go update from File, and then choose the file that you've just downloaded.

You're done!

(p.s.. if you get the error saying that it's having trouble locating the device after the update is done, simply put the device back into update mode and it will be happy again)