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For me, the biggest improvement would be custom scales. For quite some time I used a TC Helicon Voice Live as my guitar harmonizer, and the things that are truly awesome about it are:

  • The ability to create custom scales
  • The ability to name everything
  • Song mode – where you can select a particular song & then move to multiple steps within that song with each step having it's own scale, key, etc

What I don't like about is that it is optimized for vocals, so lot's of warbling occurs; it has a HUGE footprint on my pedal board; and it is not transparent at all – it really messes with my tone. So I was thrilled to see the PF hit the market. But I cannot use it all on a couple of my songs because it just requires too many changes with split-second timing. On the TC I created a scale that worked perfectly for those songs & I only had to hit a button once during the passage, with my PF it takes 6 or 8 switches to accomplish the same thing.

Use the Xnob & the Ynob to accomplish this. The Xnob selects the note coming in, let's say "D" for example, and the Ynob selects the harmonony like this: +1G would mean it plays the first G that occurs above that particular D, +2G would play it an octave higher, etc. You could then select any note & set the first harmony any way you want it, so if I set the note coming in to D & the harmony output to "+1G," then the in to D# & the out to +1G, then the in to E & the out to +1G, I can play the chromatic climb D-D#-E & the first harmony will stay at a consistent G. Now for the second voice I say if  the incoming note is D then the harmony should be +1B, for D# it's +1A#, & for E the harmony should be +1C. This way I can actually have one voice (mine) moving up, one voice static, and one voice going down then up. (Which would make my harmony theory teacher from high school very happy!)

I hope this explanation makes sense. You guys would absolutely be untouchable with that addition. The other things I seen mentioned here are all good, too, but with this tweak to the scales you guys would rule.

Thanks for reading my long post!