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Hey .. I just want to encourage you eventide guys. I'm really grateful for your commitment to the timefactor and making it an awesome pedal. As frustrating as some of the issues are with the beta, it is a beta and trouble comes with the territory – I'm just greatful to be able to play with some of this stuff now.

I used the beta for a gig this past weekend – it didn't miss a beat, not that I'm doing anything spectacular with it. The only feedback I feel I can give is that I am facing bank overload – I seriously don't know how anyone could use 50 banks unless you were in an automated environment (midi) – though I have to say I'm more and more inclined to see the need for more external pedals (currently using one just for tap).

Personally I would love to see a change in the way banks are handled. Start it off at the default 10 bank, 20 preset, but then from there allow append and delete operations. So it would go 8, 9 ,10, append (11:1 or 11:2), but also allow the deletion of any extraneous banks – keep the need for moving through multiples to a minimum. 

And one other thing, please allow us to use pedal hold as an additional control separate from tap (ala how the tap button allows you to operate it as tap, but also how a hold allows you to switch between play and bank mode). Unless this is already possible and I have just missed it?! (it wouldn't surprise me actually).

But one thing at a time I suppose. Anyway, you guys are awesome.