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I used an editor on a Quadraverb back around 99' or 2000.  It was done by third party shareware through midi. You kept the Q'verb connected as usual for audio, but just had all of the parameters on the computer screen where you could adjust with a mouse or enter in values.  As soon as the value was changed, it was changed on the unit itself and you could hear the end result. You could also type in the preset name and the Q'verb displayed it.

Two thoughts.

1- With the Factor pedals, it's a million times easier editing the effects than it ever was on the Q'verb, as you had parameter and value up/down keys to work with. So the editor was much more necessary for any extensive editing.

2-Having an editor would be a great addition to the factor line. Since the Factors are midi capable, maybe you the functionality is already in the pedal, it's just a question of creating a similar midi editor like the ol' Q'verb had. Just a thought.