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The perfect Reverb Pedal . 1) Nice dense halls and plates with real sense of space and some decent decay time, say 30 – 60+ seconds, 200+ ms of pre-delay I have an old Roland RSP-550 with an overkill 480 seconds of decay time, it's unique. 2) The classic Yamaha early reflections including the reverse ones. 3) A decent Modulation Reverb, Boss has a nice one in the GT-Pro Rack unit,It sounds beautiful but I always wish for more decay and resolution. I'm sure Evintide would make a better one with more decay time for special effects. 4)A real room reverb, small, medium, and large algorithms. 5) A Gated Reverb, forward and reverse. 6) An authentic  Long Spring Tube Driven Fender  style Reverb 7) Some Eventide Surprises, The Octo effect on the line 6 verbzilla comes to mind. Rumor has it that it was an Evintide original called crystals or something, not sure and that black hole sounds nice too. 8) Last but not least, this pedal should have more than enough processing power and memory to rise above the norm, and some realtime control. Like a hold switch, etc. WOW!!! Thats all