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Ok, so I updated the PF firmware, the issue remains. I also updated my TF to the new beta firmware – it now has the same issue! I left my MF, even though I would like to be able to use the foot-pedal midi option without having a jack plugged into the exp-pedal input.

So what is going on here? Only my MF is now acting as it should. I send a gate message to the unit from the Moog MP201, on the corresponding MIDI CC, set to FS1, and it it bypasses/engages correctly. Both the TF and PF just switch on. No matter how many times I hit the foot-switch on the MP201 they do not bypass, the effect remains engaged. They receive the CC, but just stay on. It makes no difference if I the MP201 is set to momentary or latch, and it also make no difference if I have the 'factors bypass mapped to FS1 or the BYPASS parameter, either way the result is the same.

Another thing to note is that both the TF and MF will engage even when they are not receiving a CC message to do so. ie, there is nothing mapped to either unit that will engage them, however, when I send a message to the MF to engage, the other two do too. They are all receiving on channel 1. This posed no problems with the MF and TF when I first owned them. If the unit was bypassed, it would still change to the new program being sent, but would not engage. With the new firmware they now not only change to the program, but also engage. Odd.

This is fairly complicated to explain, but is very frustrating. I want to have the MP201 as the hub controlling my 'factors and moogerfoogers. It seems the issue lies with the 'factors, as they can operate as I want, just not with the updates (and as yet, not at all for the PF). Any assistance would be very much appreciated.