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Just to chime in  – Thanks for pushing this Atomicunderware.  I've been following this thread for a while as I have the exact same problem.  Right now I've got my factors in loops that are programmed per preset, but I would like to free up the loops.  I'm using a musicom mk efx2 to send midi program changes to the factors, but the factors always engage when I send a pgm change.

Incidentally, I'm also seeing an off by one error when controlling two factors from a master one.  From the efx, I switch the master [PF] to 12:1 and it in turn switches the others [MF, TF] to 12:2 even though that's not what the mapping specifies (12:1 should match to 12:1).  I don't mean to steal this thread though, so I'll start a new thread on that if I can't figure out what the issue is 🙂