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Well, yes, that means making your own counter, not using the COUNTER, like that:

HEADM adc 2 2 adc-null adc-null CounterWithAdder "" 3 count-obj up_trigger-obj down_trigger-obj ;=300,-25,100,0
TRIGGER up_trigger "" UP ;=100,0,100,0
TRIGGER down_trigger trigger DOWN ;=100,125,100,0
C_MULTIPLY c_multiply down_trigger-out -1 ;=250,125,100,0
C_ADDER c_adder1 2 up_trigger-out c_multiply-out ;=375,0,100,0
C_ADDER c_adder 2 c_adder1-out c_adder-out ;=600,0,100,0
MONITOR count c_adder-out "current count:%.f" count ;=825,0,100,0
TAIL jfcharles2009

Now, let's try and add a reset function to that.