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We have found that the majority of users still changes presets without a real need for it.

Let me explain:

if the next fx you need is just a different type of delay or chorus or verb, a different tweak is what needs to be set. If you are playin a typical top forty repertoire, using the classic gtr fx, loading a single preset that has shifter/delay/modulation/verb is all you need. Using MIDI CC messages, any parameter can be modulated in realtime, to a get a different tweak. So you could easily go from a lush chorus with stereo TTempo delays and long verb to a slightly detuned ADT with soft long delay and a tight ambience for your lead tone. It only takes some programming and a good MIDI pedalboard to achieve this kind of pro_flexibility. No need to reload a similar algorithm when things can be properly set within the currently loaded one.

That is the background of the MIDI Virtual Racks in the H-Series…something you may want to consider too. The Presets Manual has a good explanation in the very last pages.

Eclipse doesn't obviously have THAT kind of flexibility, but can get very close to it.

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