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Hi Nick,

the a-dial disk is the big knob. When it comes to adjusting parameters within an algorithm it's very responsive. However, this is not the case when it comes to scrolling presets. It takes a little while to register the actual position of the a-dial. It might take 4-5 clicks for the H-8000FW to understand what the preset is. In my opinion it should be 1 click clockwise = next preset, 1 click counterclockwise = previous preset. If 1 click is too "nervous" or too "sensitive" for some people then maybe 2 clicks. Prior to me buying the H8000FW I read a review where this behavior was mentioned as a negative thing for such an expensive system. I am not sure if it has to do with how much time it takes to refresh the LCD with a new preset, or even to load it, but I think it certainly needs some optimization. I don't know whether you could implement velocity sensitivity in this case, i.e. rotating the a-dial quickly could scroll by 5 or 10 whereas turning it slow would go by one at a time. Please, you guys need to consider this, it will make the H-8000FW even more responsive and user-friendly!