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Hi Italo,

yes, I know about midi maps, I just prefer to go the easy way to be able to set up my footcontroller midi programs faster, easier and safer.

Let me just ask you another question: when I load in the pc the H8000's card in which are stored my presets I get a folder named "H8000". There I find all the presets named by the memory number they have been saved with.

I want to change the first 2 numbers of the 4 they are made of so to be able to assign them to another bank. If I rename the file number and I loadthe card again into the H8000 I see the number doesn't actually change. Is there a trick to allow a fast preset numbers' change ?

I think I remember that in the dsp 4000 era there was a user made application to allow a faster banks' organization, does it still exist ?

Another question: is there any chance to avoid the same program to be loaded twice when the same program change is sent via midi ?

Thanks a lot,