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Well.. i tried again… im using the right shaped usb connector from the modfactor to a usb port on my computer…

and i re-read the instruction manual for pedal librarian and im doing exactly what they say (to click MIDI config) and select the stompbox, this is the trouble spot… with the stompbox unplugged the options are (input: usb audio device and output has 2: usb audio device and Microsoft GS wavetable sw synth)

then once the stompbox is connected my computer makes the chime that means its recognized a connection and in the MIDI config menu theres a different option [(USB audio device (2)] for both input and output… and once i select that it says "NO STOMPBOX FOUND check connections and MIDI config. then try again…

so now im stuck ive tried all the combinations and it cant seem to recognize the stompbox