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Hello Sir.

About the TF/MF presets, see the eclipse preset manual page 43-48. Nearly every TF/MF preset are routed as xfade…

But are you saying that the algorithms in those presets still cant be combined in couples?

Preset 951 has algo MF_Rotary routed as xfade. Preset 907 has algo TF_Tape_echo routed as xfade.

Can I make an own preset with MF_Rotary in FXA and TF_Tape_echo in FXB routed as series?

It seems to me I can since the MF_Rotarty algo and TF_Tape_echo algos are small enough to be routed as xfade in presets 951 and 907…

What I really want to know is which algos can be combined in couples and which algos can be routed as xfade… Do you have any list of which algorithms that are too large for this? I would really like to know that before buying the product.