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I can't seem to get mine working with Windows 7 🙁

I'm becoming extremely disenchanted with this pedal.  The main reason
that I chose it over the TC Electronic Nova Delay was for it's ability
to create more presets and back them up.  Now that I have the thing (and
the excitement is diminishing as if a popped balloon) I cannot get the
USB OR MIDI to work for backing up the patches on the pedal.  I
therefore cannot get excited about creating my own sounds without a way
to back them up.  I can see this pedal going back if I do not get it
working soon.  To clarify, USB is working for updating firmware, but not
for the "open from MIDI" option in the FactorLib program.  Same goes
for the MIDI – unable to back up the patches from FactorLib.  I receive a
"No Stompbox Found" error message telling me to, "Check connections and
MIDI Config.  Then try again."  This is very frustrating when you are
trying to use a function that many others have been able to use, but is
not working for me.  ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

you in advance – Mike