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Can we get a reply to this, please?  Or at least a, "We're looking into it" – or something?  I called Customer Service, this afternoon, and was told that I would get an answer.  I was told that the people that could answer to this had seen the post on the forum.  I am starting to get pretty skeptical of the level of customer support at this company.  And what is with the censorship/screening of the calls for help?  Why do the posts not go straight to the forum?  At least of something went straight to the forum, some other user might have the opportunity to provide assistance – assistance that might prove more timely than the "experts'" answer.  I don't mean to sound harsh, but when I shell out $400 plus dollars for a product like this, I kind of expect to get answers about it's operation (or suspect faulty operation) so that I can find out if I got what I paid for or not.  Frankly, I cannot believe that there is not a user community, elsewhere, for these pedals.  I've seen plenty of sites that cater to users and preset exchanges.  I have not found anything of the like for this pedal.  I find that kind of odd.

Well, I will get off my soap box now.  I will just sit here and hope for a response that explains what I am experiencing while I contemplate the soundness of this purchase…