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      Hello – I did a search for spillover threads, but there looked to be a bunch of them (and all outdated).  I just got my Time Factor in the last week and was looking to really dig in and start creating my own presets.  So I went through the factory supplied presets and got rid of the ones I didn't like and created default presets to fill the empty slots (basically all controls to 0).  Anyway, when going back through some of the factory presets I noticed that the "spillover" would work when bypassing a preset, but when going to a different preset there was no spillover.  I have BYP TYP set to DSP + FX and SPILLOVER is ON.  I am also running the 2.4.2[1] firmware, CGV 8.9, TST 1.2, S1V 2.9, S2V, and BV 1.4.  ANY help with this would be greatly appreciated as I need to find out if I have a problem or not in order to determine if I should return this unit.

      Thank you in advance – Mike

      P.S.  I have attempted to reload the firmware with no change in symptoms.

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      I received my Timefactor two weeks ago that has the same version loaded and have noticed the same thing with the spillover not working correctly.

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      Can we get a reply to this, please?  Or at least a, "We're looking into it" – or something?  I called Customer Service, this afternoon, and was told that I would get an answer.  I was told that the people that could answer to this had seen the post on the forum.  I am starting to get pretty skeptical of the level of customer support at this company.  And what is with the censorship/screening of the calls for help?  Why do the posts not go straight to the forum?  At least of something went straight to the forum, some other user might have the opportunity to provide assistance – assistance that might prove more timely than the "experts'" answer.  I don't mean to sound harsh, but when I shell out $400 plus dollars for a product like this, I kind of expect to get answers about it's operation (or suspect faulty operation) so that I can find out if I got what I paid for or not.  Frankly, I cannot believe that there is not a user community, elsewhere, for these pedals.  I've seen plenty of sites that cater to users and preset exchanges.  I have not found anything of the like for this pedal.  I find that kind of odd.

      Well, I will get off my soap box now.  I will just sit here and hope for a response that explains what I am experiencing while I contemplate the soundness of this purchase…


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      It's only been a day since you posted your question and you're already questioning the quality of the customer service here?  Roland/Boss is the biggest effects manufacturer in the world, and even they take a couple of days to answer product questions- have a little patience man 😀

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Mike, I was told by one of our product specialists that you would receive an answer to your questions yesterday.  I apologize that you did not.  I will make sure your questions are addressed shortly.

      I'm not sure what you mean by "what is with the censorship/screening of the calls for help?  Why do the posts not go straight to the forum?"  Unfortunately, we are not able to offer phone support for stompboxes.  The volume of pedals out there is simply too large for our small company to support via phone.  Posts made to the forum are approved quite quickly, often within minutes.

      Again, I will ask one of our product specialists to address this topic shortly.  Thank you.

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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks, Bryan.  Smile 

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      Hi Mike,

      Sorry again for the delay in response.  I have spoken with our development team and here is what I found out:

      There are two possible approaches to
      providing a “spillover” when changing

      1) Have two effects active simultaneously, and
      crossfade between them (which we offer in our dual processor Eclipse rack processor), or cut the input to the old one and mix it with the new

      2) Have only one effect resident,
      and crossfade between the old and new delay times.

      The first approach offers the best
      spillover effect, but halves the processing power of the unit, as no effect can use more
      than 50% of its capabilities. In our view, this was not an acceptable compromise just for this minor feature.

      Our design philosophy at Eventide focuses on getting the
      best possible effect sound quality from its hardware.  Therefore, we chose the
      second approach in order to ensure 100% of the performance of the processor all the time (and thus the highest possible quality), at the cost of a lower quality spillover during the one or two
      seconds around a preset change. Depending on the program you are switching from and what you are changing to, crossfading between the old and new delay times was an acceptable solution for our beta testers.

      I hope this explanation clarifies our thought process in the design of our stompbox. Moreover, I hope the sound quality of our product outweighs the relatively minor limitation of our spillover implementation for you.  

      Thanks for choosing Eventide; we appreciate your business.

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      In my case, I owned a Timefactor for the first time last November that I do not know exactly the version it was running but I do know the spillover was just introduced as being included in a update for it and it still just had 20 presets, I sold it because it was more complicated than I needed at the time. I have now bought a Timefactor again because I have more time to spend with it and this new one has the latest software installed it it. The spillover worked fine in the first Timefactor I owned but does not work well with the new one I just bought. I don't really understand the response from Eventide since it writes of another Eventide unit and not the Timefactor, I want the spillover to work when changing presets and when bypassed like my TC Electronic G Major does.  I really love the Timefactor so don't get me wrong but there may be something in this last software that has changed the way the spillover is working.

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      Ok, well, I guess I may have been a tad hard and impatient.  What can I say – when I get a new product (especially one that I shelled out $400 for) I wanna find out if it is functioning properly or not so that I can ensure to get the most out of it.  In any event, I got Ray on the phone and he was a really nice guy and was very helpful.  He was also very attentive to my thoughts and recommendations.  So for that, I thank you Ray!  I think that I just understand Ray's answer above enough to be able to live with the reasoning, but probably not enough to explain it in different terms.  I know that may not be of any help to the last post, but I think a work around may be possible with future updates.  Until then, I think that I can live with the functionality that this puppy already has available.  Thank you again, Ray, for your explanation and history lesson 😉

      Later – Mike

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