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Hi Mike,

Sorry again for the delay in response.  I have spoken with our development team and here is what I found out:

There are two possible approaches to
providing a “spillover” when changing

1) Have two effects active simultaneously, and
crossfade between them (which we offer in our dual processor Eclipse rack processor), or cut the input to the old one and mix it with the new

2) Have only one effect resident,
and crossfade between the old and new delay times.

The first approach offers the best
spillover effect, but halves the processing power of the unit, as no effect can use more
than 50% of its capabilities. In our view, this was not an acceptable compromise just for this minor feature.

Our design philosophy at Eventide focuses on getting the
best possible effect sound quality from its hardware.  Therefore, we chose the
second approach in order to ensure 100% of the performance of the processor all the time (and thus the highest possible quality), at the cost of a lower quality spillover during the one or two
seconds around a preset change. Depending on the program you are switching from and what you are changing to, crossfading between the old and new delay times was an acceptable solution for our beta testers.

I hope this explanation clarifies our thought process in the design of our stompbox. Moreover, I hope the sound quality of our product outweighs the relatively minor limitation of our spillover implementation for you.  

Thanks for choosing Eventide; we appreciate your business.