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I am copying my reply from a similar thread:

Ok, well, I guess I may have been a tad hard and impatient.  What can
I say – when I get a new product (especially one that I shelled out
$400 for) I wanna find out if it is functioning properly or not so that I
can ensure to get the most out of it.  In any event, I got Ray on the
phone and he was a really nice guy and was very helpful.  He was also
very attentive to my thoughts and recommendations.  So for that, I thank
you Ray!  I think that I just understand Ray's answer above enough to
be able to live with the reasoning, but probably not enough to explain
it in different terms.  I know that may not be of any help to the last
post, but I think a work around may be possible with future updates. 
Until then, I think that I can live with the functionality that this
puppy already has available.  Thank you again, Ray, for your explanation
and history lesson 😉

Later – Mike