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      I haven't been able to get the delay repeats to spillover when changing patches via midi. Has this problem been fixed in the latest update?

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      Eventide Staff

      Kind of hard for us to know what version of software you have.

      If you are not on the latest software you might consider it.

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      I was of the understanding that the "spillover" was for when you hit "bypass" and not for when you changed patches…..

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      Eventide Staff

      There is a terminology problem here. What we call spillover is the continuation of delay when you change effects (UTILITY/SPILL), which is different from the preservation of the delay tail when you bypass the unit (BYPASS mode = DSP+DLY).

      Although related in nature, these are two different things. Not always easy to know which one is being discussed.

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      Eventide Tech Support – that was not really an answer, now, was it?  The original poster is not getting spillover utilizing MIDI and at least two of us cannot get it to work with the pedal switches.  Is this unit supposed to spillover the delays while switching patches (i.e. the original delay sound is allowed to trail off as your new delay preset takes effect)?  And if it IS supposed to do that, how do we go about restoring this feature so that it works?  I don't understand the difference in terminology between a delay preset fading out during bypass or a preset change – sounds the same to me.


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      I am copying my reply from a similar thread:

      Ok, well, I guess I may have been a tad hard and impatient.  What can
      I say – when I get a new product (especially one that I shelled out
      $400 for) I wanna find out if it is functioning properly or not so that I
      can ensure to get the most out of it.  In any event, I got Ray on the
      phone and he was a really nice guy and was very helpful.  He was also
      very attentive to my thoughts and recommendations.  So for that, I thank
      you Ray!  I think that I just understand Ray's answer above enough to
      be able to live with the reasoning, but probably not enough to explain
      it in different terms.  I know that may not be of any help to the last
      post, but I think a work around may be possible with future updates. 
      Until then, I think that I can live with the functionality that this
      puppy already has available.  Thank you again, Ray, for your explanation
      and history lesson 😉

      Later – Mike

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