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Hi and sorry for the lack of details.

-how did you connect the Eclipse to the FX Loop? Type of sockets and cables.
Jack plugs in/out of the amp and into in/out jacks on the eclipse

-is the fx loop a +4 dB line level or -10/-20dB instrument level type?
It can be set to both, but is set to -10db because otherwise it is too loud

-is the fx loop parallel or serial?

-which preset is giving you the problem? You must specify name and number.
Actually all the presets i have tried gives me the problem, it also happens when the unit is bypassed…..
But not when the fx loop is de-activated on the amp.

-is there anything else connected to this amp, other than your guitar and Eclipse?
It is straight forward, gtr into amp, amps fx loop into exclipse. I have used the same setup
for years, but i have only noticed the flangin noise after updating to 4.01.
The flangin noise dissapears when the dry/wet is set to 0.

I hope the clarifies it a bit.