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What I think, you are referring to would be once you've saved the modified one.  If you've already saved a modified preset, I am pretty sure that the only way to get it back is to do it with the FactorLib program.  I made a backup of all original presets before I made any changes.  That way I would have a baseline to go back to.  If you never did this, than you could just back up your current presets (and name them something so that you know what they are) and do the Factory Reset to get the factory presets back.  You could then just use the FactorLib to put YOUR presets back where you want them on the TimeFactor.  Please feel free to ask more questions and I will attempt to be better help.  Oh – and if you are talking about getting back to factory parameters for a particular preset (and you HAVEN'T stored your changes yet), then you can just hit the foot switch for the other preset in the bank (in bank mode).  I hope that this wasn't too confusing.  It would be easier to show in person lol  Good luck!

Later – Mike