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I wrote to support noting that this problem is not addressed in OS5.5B and added this information:

The TextTrigger has 4 values:

default off

option 1 ON

option 2 ON

option 3 ON

The H8000 displays these values:

default ofoption

option 1 Ooption

option 2 Ooption

option 3 ON


i) Vsig
correctly displays a maximum length of 10 chars for this field, but then
allows you to enter 11.

ii) The H8000 should allow a 10-char value with no terminator, but seems
to demand a terminator, which is why it runs into the next field.

So far as I can tell, there is no
indication in VSig that the max length is 10 characters.  VSig displays
the text properly in the specifier display  The text type Max column is blank. 
The Min column has length.  It does show that the maximum number of
strings is 10 (nstrings).