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Hi Sepp

good reverb requires the following:

-good design (diffusers/early reflections placement)

-many internal delay lines in the reverb

-diffusers with many internal delay lines

-delays for early reflections

-accurate filters/Eq for sound shaping

These are all modules. In many of them you can choose how many delay lines are working.

Obviously *good* reverb IS demanding on DSPs resources. So the unit can provide 4 or even more reverbs in a single DSP/preset, but they won't sound like better & bigger structures do. The optimal quality/size ratio in the H8000 is 2 verbs per DSP/preset, so 4 in all. The PERFECT quality is one in each DSP. Here we are talking supreme filters at work.

Another limitation IS sampling rate. Above 48KHz, quantity is cut in half!

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Here's a list of 4 & 2 verbs in a preset:

1621 4 Reverbs (FoH)

1032 4 Stereo Verbs

1033 4 Stereo Verbs 2

1039 MIDI Dual FX #4

1030 2 Stereo Verbs

There some others you may want to search for.

Obviously the quality of 2 verbs like the ones in the "H8000 _ Reverbs" bank is something else.

all the best


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