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Hey Mike,

I guess it really depends on what you want on your supply. To start, it's a custom power supply. You can have him add whatever will fit your needs.

Also, because of how finicky the Eventide and Electro Harmonix pedals are, we went back and forth with getting the design right. He added parts and not to mention added hours of labor to get the unit working in perfect order. I can recall emails where he said he bought more parts to accommodate my pedals' needs and he didnt' charge me for it. My price was a modest $145. Compare that to what you'll spend on thegigrig and Voodoo Labs' supplies. It's pretty fair. Not to mention the Logsdon supply takes up less space and he's got a satisfaction guarantee. Working for a big corporation myself, I can say that finding that kind of service is few and far between.

All in all, if you add up ampres, we're talking close to 1800mA. Which is a pretty impressive output. It's noiseless even compared to the OEM adapters.  The enclosure he used, by the way, was a 7.5” 4.75”x1.5”. It's short enough the fit under most pedalboards, and comes with pretty long cables of your choice. He custom made me reverse polarity 2.5mm cable for my Factors and Hog at no charge. Pretty nice. Daisy chain cables might cost a little more, though because his cables have noise filters built into each connector. 

Again, I'll say, what he charged me may be more or it may be less than what he'll charge on average. I'm not sure. Talk to him and let him know your interested, I'm sure he'll work with you. Here's his ebay page.

Take care,