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Hi dtirer, possibly a gain issue.  We have not experienced any hiss issues on our stompboxes.  I see Jerome in tech support responded to your question sent to support@eventide.com.  I will post his reply here for any others experiencing this issue.

There can be a small amount of hiss expected when using the PitchFactor in front of an amp, especially if you are using a high gain signal with a fair amount of distortion. Have you tried using it in the effects loop of your amp, if it has one? This could help. Additionally, you might want to try initializing the unit to try and clear out any problems with the unit, if this is the cause of the problem. The following procedures will return it to factory settings, however one will erase any user presets and the other will not, so pick which one you would like to do.
Restoring Factory System Settings – CLEAR SETUP
To restore System settings, power up ModFactor while simultaneously pressing the Right Footswitch and the Encoder until [CLEAR SETUP] is displayed.

Restoring Factory Effects Presets and System Settings – INITIALIZING
CAUTION: This function will overwrite any Presets that you have saved.
To restore Factory Presets and all System settings, power up ModFactor while simultaneously pressing the Middle Footswitch and the Encoder until [INITIALIZING] is displayed.