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Thanks Italo!

After further tinkering & experimentation, I've determined that my 32MB card just will not work with the H8KFW. It will not format, it will not read… and the unit becomes very sluggish, probably as it's attempting to access the card, and losing that battle. This card is, however, fine plugged into my card reader in my computer… so it can live there I suppose.

After further tinkering, experimentation, and ***re-reading the manual***, my 128MB card is fine. I was not executing the save keystrokes properly. Highlighting "save" (below "rename", and above the [Save] softkey) and pressing the Select button works like it's supposed to with this card… so my mistake and thanks for your patience.

I do still, however, receive the write protect message when using the <Update> softkey when trying to update a modified program. It appears, in the 5.5 manual, to be as simple as tweaking a setting in a program (I've got the asterisk next to the name now), pressing the Program button twice, and then pressing the <Update> softkey. This is where I get the write protect error (and was what I was doing last night.) Highlighting the [Save] softkey to confirm the location is "Internal" and selecting various empty or non-empty locations makes no difference. Space on "Internal" reads 461.1 K. Reading the "Updating a Program" section of page 129 in the 5.5 manual makes it look very simple… but I'm stuck.