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2) I cannot seem to individualy control tweaks in Midi Virtual Racks set up on each processor. So for instance, I have MVR#1 set on DSP A and MVR#3 set on DSP B. I did a capture from the Little Giant on Assign 3 to recognise CC #22. On the Little Giant, I have channel 1 set for DSP A and channel 2 set for DSP B. However, the H8000FW ignores all CC's on channel 2, yet PC's work on this channel. What also happens is that the CC on channel 1 changes the tweak value on both MVR's.

This unfortunately is the way it works.  You will need to reset the channel assignments in the program for the specific DSP you run it on.  The gist of it is that the DSP channel is hardcoded into the program when saved, so the channel of the actual DSP on which a program is loaded is irrelevant.  I posted a feature request to make it work as you obviously (and I) thought it was supposed to work.  See this post.