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Hi Italo,

I'm running v5.3.

I've looked into this a little bit more and it's a bit weird. Here's what I have on one Little Giant switch:

Midi ch 1, CC 0 35

Midi ch 1, PC 10

Midi ch 2, CC 0 35

Midi ch 2, PC 10

If I understand this correctly it should load preset 3510 on both DSP A and B. What I find is this though:

1) The first time on DSP A, it selects preset 10 in the current bank. But the second time it works fine. If I then load another preset using the front panel into DSP A from a different bank and try from the Gordius again, I get the same issue i.e. it works the second time.

2) CC 0 35 on Midi ch 2 (DSP B) never works for me.

3) When I originally did the test I arbitrarily chose preset 3610. For some reason I cannot get the H8000FW to select bank 36 at all on either DSP.

I haven't looked any more into the dual virtual racks tweak problem yet.

It may be a problem with the Little Giant, I'm not sure. Any idea how I might debug this?

Cheers. Steve